This mostly depends on the site and how much renovation is required to convert it into a Hennie’s. A cost assessment will be finalised once our team has inspected the site and calculated the total investment required. A minimum however of R4.5million is needed.

Applications for Hennie’s Franchising are currently closed.

Yes. There is a non-refundable, once-off fee for a 5 year franchise contract to be communicated to you once you have submitted your application.

Yes, our current fee is 6% on your monthly turnover, this includes royalties and marketing.

Our hands-on Operations team will be by your side from the very first step on your opening-a-Hennie’s journey. Guiding you through site renovations with preferred suppliers, interviewing and training of FoH/BoH staff, liquor licence application etc. Our Ops Team and mystery diners also does regular site visits and remotely supports as much as your branch requires. We have a dedicated warehouse and distribution channel for merchandise and spec items. Our in-house marketing department will also be handling your advertising requirements as part of the Hennie’s brand or for your franchise specific special events and/or menu specials.

Yes, so long as those other businesses are not in the same nature of business as a Hennie’s. Being 100% owner operated is not a prerequisite, but if you are not owner operated you will have to be willing to pay for a manager with a minimum of 20 years experience. We would however suggest that a shareholder is operative.

Industry experience will most definitely be advantageous to your Franchise application, but it is not a prerequisite.

5 Years – we suggest it runs concurrently with your lease agreement.

*Please take note that the above is a guideline only and will be formally agreed upon and is subject to change based on the current franchise agreement.